Growth Hacking Marketing

What a Growth hacking is?

Growth hacking is a marketing strategy based on deep analytics of the entire customer journey, traffic and conversion results to determine growth and scaling points by the use of hypotheses and quick tests, low-budget tactics to quickly determine the most suitable points for further business growth.

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The main principle of the implementation of the growth hacking Marketing strategy is to constantly monitor the result, improve performance and scale the best solutions
There are Five components, phases for working within the strategy of the growth:

Attract a client

Based on deep analytics of your product and audience, we create a strategy to attract a client through various channels. At the same time, we are not talking about high-budget attraction, the main channels are SEO, SMM, content marketing, E-mail marketing, PR, various affiliate programs


At this stage, we "include" the user in our project, for example, we offer to subscribe to the newsletter and enter the funnel, leave your data for a callback, purchase a tripwire. Our task is to have a warm lead.


At this stage, it is very important to use techniques to retain the client. Our team has a years of experience using a variety of retention tools, from engaging through content, using live streams, or creating a unique business model for your business niche.


For every business it is especially important to involve the client, because making a current client's loyalty and lead to repeat purchases for both him and his friends - is our focus. We can use referral programs with special conditions for invited buyers. Or making viral social media campaigns. Both options work and are ideal when they go hand in hand.


Every business and project is focused on financial income. We do not strive for a one-time achievement. The number of buyers will not matter if the business is not profitable.
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