Branding. Company's visual Identity

Your brand provides a guaranteed profit by creating a positive image of the company, increasing the attractiveness of products and services, giving them added value. Effective strategy is the process of creating brands that evoke a positive response, as well as rational and emotional attachment to the target audience.
We highlight the main problems, identify goals and objectives that need to be achieved in the process of work.
Working with us you are getting a full range of services for the development of product, corporate, online and other brands - from the formation of a strategy and creative idea to the design of spaces and the creation of a website and ads traffic.

Branding begins with research and analysis of the target audience, market, category, product. Using generally accepted and proprietary research methods, we collect, segment and analyze data, establish consumer motivations, and identify key communication ideas. In the future, this information serves as the basis on which the brand strategy is built.

How much does branding cost?

The cost of branding is one of the most common questions. It is asked by everyone who plan to order a service. However, it is impossible to name the exact price without discussing the details. Each brand is unique, which means that the composition of the work will be different. But we have a package offer with a basis you need for every need "Brand book. Company's visual Identity"
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Work with every client we start from a brand audit, which allows you to identify positive features in corporate style and communications in order to use them when choosing a development vector. We develop several positioning hypotheses and, after determining the optimal one, we create a brand basis.

Another important stage is the creation of a design strategy. The brand image is built on the basis of positioning and the overall branding strategy. Our team is working on colors, fonts, graphics, fonts and photo style and other visual components.

The result of the comprehensive development of a brand strategy is a development program that describes in detail the actions that need to be taken to popularize a product or service, improve the company's reputation, and increase promotion efficiency.

The creation of a corporate identity is often perceived as the development of a corporate color scheme and logo, which are further used in the design of spaces and product branding. In fact, this is a complex task, the correct solution of which allows you to form the "face" of the brand. In fact, corporate identity is a system of all visual elements used in the future to communicate with the target audience. When developing it, we take into account how corporate colors, fonts and graphics will look in different conditions - indoors and outdoors, in bright and low light, on a huge billboard and on a small business card.

Next, we create several brand visualization concepts and offer the customer to choose the preferred option, agree on common ideas, and make adjustments if necessary. After the final approval of the project, the corporate identity is used to develop a design strategy, prepare animation elements and infographics, design spaces, create a website, etc.

The final step of this stage is the development of a brand book. The document describes the principles of the use of visual elements, regulates the design of spaces, contains recommendations for the use of corporate symbols, colors, fonts and other corporate identity components.

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